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Property Protection Trust

If you die intestate (without a will) your estate will pass in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy.  In the majority of cases, subject to the size of your estate, if you are married it will automatically pass to your spouse.  Should your spouse subsequently remarry, it will then pass to their new spouse with the probability that your children will inherit nothing!


A property protection trust enables you to leave your share in the family home in trust for the benefit of your children to ensure they will still inherit in the event of remarriage.  It can also protect part of your children's' inheritance against certain unforeseen future costs.

Asset Protection Trust

Many people wish to protect their main assets to pass on to their children.


Whilst a Property Protection Trust can protect your half of main assets, usually the family home, it cannot protect the full value of the property.


An Asset Protection Trust is created during your lifetime and can give further protection against remarriage, future charges and claims against the estate, manipulative third parties, and can be used to "generation skip" to mitigate potential IHT liabilities for your children.

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